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It takes a special kind of person to work at Grosvenor. If you’re one of them, we’d love to talk.

Celebrating our 21st year of providing solutions and a safe pair of hands for our clients, we're extremely proud of the talented team that have shaped this company and the position we find ourselves in today. 

Thanks to our team we've been recognised as Employer of Choice at the 2017 Australian Business Awards.  We were also ABA100 Winners in the categories of Business Excellence and Service Excllence.  Well done team!



Our People

It is Grosvenor's consultants, support staff, partners and affiliates who together build our clients' success stories. We purposely employ the brightest people we know. We know that smart people have a lot to contribute.

Our core team of consultants and support staff work collaboratively across our three offices. Our people come from all walks of life, but everyone is the real deal: professional, resilient, flexible and honest, with a glass-half-full approach to life.

Meet our awesome team!

The way we work

Working with public and private sector clients, we help our clients achieve the right results in the right way to truly make an impact. Our people are the types you'll hear saying 'why not', 'what if', and 'how about'.

Cookie-cutters don't cut it. We look at our clients' unique situation thinking things through before finding the best fit for their business and the most suitable team of consultants.

The work is challenging, varied and rewarding. All staff are supported by a robust and inspiring career development program. This has produced a number of outstanding consultants, many of which have progressed from Consultant to Senior Manager within six years!

Our values

What we believe and how we choose to act is important. Our vision is to be top of mind with our clients in each of our practice areas because of our flawless reputation for doing things the right way and getting the right results.

This is supported by our five core values:

  1. Real Value
  2. Quality Thinking
  3. Develop and Grow
  4. Empathy and Respect
  5. No Dickheads and No Passengers.



Grosvenor Management Consulting has always had a reputation for delivering high quality consulting deliverables.

Certification is not just a tick in the box exercise for us. Nor is quality a term we use lightly. These are genuine commitments that are imbedded the way we work, the services we provide and the focus we have on a quality outcome for our clients.

Delivering real value and high quality has always been a part of Grosvenor’s values. Our certification demonstrates this in a way that is both tangible and verifiable.

Rewards and recognition

Grosvenor frequently recognises and rewards excellent performance, behaviour and effort of staff by awarding Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year. These awards are more than just doing an excellent job. This is about going the extra mile and contributing in a way that substantially exceeds expectations in line with our values.

The way we live and play

Work life balance for Grosvenor is not just a nice set of words. It has real meaning. Unlike many consulting firms, we don't work our people into the ground. We know we need people at their best to deliver the best; ensuring people aren't drained of energy and have time to do the things they love outside of work is very important to us.

We have a super talented and fun bunch of people here at Grosvenor. To keep them happy, healthy and kicking goals in their professional and personal lives, we’re proud to offer the following to our employees. 


We know that people prefer different ways of working. Some have commitments outside of work to manage, some regularly need to work from home rather than the office. We have a workplace flexibility policy that respects the fact that the type of people we employ take responsibility for ensuring they contribute and meet the needs to the business.

Paid Parental Leave

We know it can be an amazing and unpredictable roller coaster for families welcoming a new child into the world. So we're proud to offer 12 weeks paid leave for Primary Carers and 6 weeks paid leave for Partners of Primary Carers to ensure all our staff are retained and feel loved, independent of their unique circumstances.

Company Events

There’s something special about working in a company in which all employees are bright, energetic, focused and pleasant people to be around. Throughout the year we take breaks from our busy working lives to celebrate major events and enjoy each other’s company.

  • Share Fairs: Day-long events to share new ideas, skills and ways of thinking to improve our work and help achieve our company goals.
  • Annual Conference: Held in a different part of Australia each year, the annual conference coincides with the anniversary of the founding of the business. A highlight is the announcement of the Employee of the Year!
  • End of Year Celebration: To reward the effort and dedication that everyone has shown during the year, Grosvenor hosts a lavish and elegant celebration to close the year out. 

The little things…

To take the pressure off during busy times, boost morale and reduce stress, we find that it’s the little things that can make a bit of difference to an employee’s day such as:

  • making sure our office kitchens are well-stocked with fruit, snacks, tea and coffee
  • supporting staff in ways reduce stress eg mindfulness, walk and talks
  • stopping work at 4pm Friday for office drinks and start the wind-down
  • office breakfasts, lunches and get-togethers
  • celebrating staff’s life events such as weddings, birthdays and new babies!
We're always on the lookout for great people to join our team. Check here regularly for position openings or complete the form below to provide details of what you’re looking for. We’ll email you if something comes up that may be suitable.
Consultant - Canberra

We have an opening for a consultant (entry level to 1-3 years relevant work experience) to join our Canberra team.

We’re looking for people who:

  • have the experience to confidently deliver consulting projects and quickly build trusting, lasting relationships with clients and other consultants
  • have experience managing multiple priorities and deadlines
  • have the desire and commitment for continual learning and personal development
  • have a relentless focus on quality work
  • are inspired by challenge and variety in work and clients
  • enjoys sharing ideas and solving business puzzles
  • have a flexible, friendly, proactive and fun attitude.

Being able to demonstrate the following will be of significant advantage:

  • degree-qualified
  • experience and/or understanding in one or more of our four practice areas
  • consulting experience
  • excellent writing skills
  • quality / critical thinking skills.


If Grosvenor sounds like your type of organisation, complete the Candidate Application Form below with your CV and cover letter explaining why you believe you’ve got the Grosvenor DNA and credentials to be part of our amazing team.

Got questions? No worries. Contact Peter Hurditch at (02) 6274 9200.

Senior Consultant - Canberra

We’re looking for an experienced Senior Consultant to join our Canberra team and help us continue to build our clients’ success stories.

A day in the life of a Grosvenor Senior Consultant

Your day in the life of a Senior Consultant will include a variety of activities, such as:

  • leading the delivery of projects in any of our four practice areas: procurement, program evaluation, property advisory and organisational review
  • coordinating, facilitating and driving stakeholder engagement
  • developing deliverables for clients such as compelling reports, engaging workshops or presentations
  • guiding and supporting other project team members
  • contributing to proposal writing and business development activities
  • supporting other our other practice areas, as necessary.

The work is challenging, varied and rewarding. 


If Grosvenor sounds like your type of organisation, complete the Candidate Application Form below with your CV and cover letter explaining why you believe you’ve got the Grosvenor DNA and credentials to be part of our amazing team.

Got questions? No worries! Contact Peter Hurditch at (02) 6274 9200.

Candidate Application Form