ACT Policing | Workforce Design

ACT Policing | Workforce Design
The Client: ACT Policing
Key Consultants: Mira Shennan


Two recently integrated teams lacked collaboration to meet required outcomes.

Our Solution

  • A collaborative workforce design process that set the foundation for an integrated team
  • A clear, step-by-step implementation plan
  • A practical communications and engagement strategy


  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced policing capabilities
  • Ongoing buy-in and support from the affected teams
  • Better positioning to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals

Grosvenor was engaged to design a workforce structure that took into account the unique and complex culture of our client.

Our workforce design solution achieved exceptional results due to our continuous focus on collaboration at each step of the project, with the objective of forming trust and confidence with the project team and affected stakeholders.

Bringing to light an agreed view amongst stakeholders of the challenges of the current situation was our first objective. Our consultants then worked closely with the client to define the future state: what did the team want to be known for? Options for a more integrated structure that would support the achievement of the future state were designed and tested, and our recommended design finalised.

Together, we developed a new effective workforce structure and transferred valuable knowledge to the client along the way. As a result, the client gained the required knowledge and understanding of the transition – how to convert the proposed structure from paper into practice.

“The team spent the time to fully understand the problem and outcomes desired. were a breath of fresh air in my view. They inspired belief, confidence and an ability to succeed”

– ACT Policing