Department of Employment | Corporate Level KPIs

Department of Employment | Corporate Level KPIs
The Client: Department of Employment
Key Consultants: Mira Shennan


A large government organisation struggled to design corporate-level KPIs that were measurable and meaningful

The Commonwealth’s Public Management Reform Agenda has highlighted the Australian Government’s commitment to improving the way in which entities communicate with the public, and the expectation on those entities to clearly demonstrate what they have achieved with the public resources provided to them.

As part of its commitment to the reform agenda and to demonstrate compliance with the Commonwealth’s Resource Management Framework, the Department of Jobs and Small Business (the Department) sought to improve the way it communicated its performance story, both to internal stakeholders and the public.

With a range of guidance produced by varying official entities and diverse internal views about the ‘best’ way to design a performance management system, the Department engaged Grosvenor to understand the current approaches used across the department and comparable organisations, design options for future performance management processes and develop a leave-behind performance measure assessment tool.


How We Helped

Our strong understanding of public sector governance and our experience developing digital performance measurement tools delivered the Department a clear set of compliant, measurable KPIs that not only provided the Department with strong insights to inform decision making, but with an increased ability to regularly demonstrate how it makes use of public resources in line with the Commonwealth’s reform agenda

Grosvenor developed a five-phase methodology to:

  • identify and analyse the Department’s current performance framework and measures using our Performance Measure Assessment Tool
  • understand how performance measurement data is used across the Department, and how key stakeholders would ideally like to use the data in the future
  • develop a logic model for future performance measures, and designing meaningful KPIs in line with the logic model
  • constructing a balanced scorecard tool which clearly reports performance, and a tested approach to collecting data required to inform performance reporting


Key tasks in our methodology included:

  • conducting a literature review of existing internal and external guidance material to understand better practices and compliance requirements for public sector reporting
  • building commitment through strategic stakeholder engagement to an agreed set of objectives for performance reporting
  • designing and testing data collection methods to ensure the Department could continue to report performance following completion of the project.



“Very professional and credible team. [Grosvenor’s consultant’s] clicked easily with our senior leadership and were able to elicit candid and meaningful engagement. Grosvenor’s review of our performance measures gives us an external view on where we’re doing well, and where we have room to improve”

Together with the Department, Grosvenor’s team was able to develop a number of internally supported KPIs and reporting dashboards (see diagram for example) that focus on mission-critical functions.

Adopting a collaborative and consultative approach assisted our client’s understanding of how to develop appropriate and effective corporate-level performance indicators in line with better practice.

This meant KPIs are sufficiently applied and can be utilised by decision makers to inform performance management activities across all levels of the organisation in the future.

Overall, we were able to establish KPIs that tell a complete performance story, in a concise and efficient way. Additionally, the Department could demonstrate concrete actions undertaken to comply with the reform agenda.




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