New organisational structure facilitates collaboration and improves outcomes

New organisational structure facilitates collaboration and improves outcomes
The Client: State Enforcement Agency


An emergency services authority sought to improve public safety by increasing collaboration between two key teams; despite multiple efforts to bring the teams together silos remained, and the anticipated benefits remained out of reach

Our client had identified potential public safety benefits in increasing the collaboration of their knowledge and operational teams. The client sought improve its decision-making capability through increased coordination, integration and information sharing between the two teams.

Despite well-intentioned internal attempts to get the teams to work more closely with each other, the strategy was not producing the required results. While the teams were physically together, silos between the groups remained with little to no collaboration.

Grosvenor was asked to conduct a review and identify practical changes our client could make to improve collaboration between the two teams and achieve the sought-after benefits.


How We Helped

This project was only going to succeed if affected stakeholders were highly involved in the design of the new structure. Our stakeholder engagement expertise meant that we achieved high-levels of buy-in and support for the change

Bringing to light an agreed view amongst stakeholders of the challenges of the current situation was our first objective.

Our consultants worked closely with the client’s teams to define the future state: what did the newly integrated team want to be known for? How did it want others to talk about it and the way it operates? What did it want its value proposition to be?

Options for a more integrated structure that would support the achievement of the future state were designed and tested, and our recommended design finalised.


Key tasks in our methodology included:

  • understanding the benefits sought from the client’s leadership
  • mapping the current service delivery model utilised by the teams and exploring from their point of view what was working and what challenges they experienced
  • re-orienting the benefits as articulated by the leadership into benefits that would accrue to the team members from greater collaboration
  • identifying structural and other service delivery model changes to support integration of the teams
  • developing a clear implementation plan, as well as a change and communications plan, to equip the client with a clear roadmap for success.



 “10/10. The consultation, engagement, flexibility and relationship management was excellent…The team spent time to fully understand the problem and outcomes desired… Very competent… They inspired belief, confidence and an ability to succeed. The Grosvenor team was a breath of fresh air in my view”

Together we developed a new, effective workforce structure and transferred valuable knowledge to the client along the way.

The client gained the required knowledge and understanding of the transition – how to convert the proposed structure from paper into practice (see below framework for change)



The benefits of the project that accrued to the client from our involvement included:

  • improved productivity
  • enhanced core capabilities
  • ongoing buy-in and support from the affected teams
  • better positioning to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals and improved public safety.