Procurement – Public Sector

Procurement has two jobs in 2021: Supply Risk and Cost

Call it wishful thinking: We concluded in September 2020 that the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on procurement was over. We clearly saw that the 186 organisations we surveyed were back to their pre-pandemic priorities. Furthermore these organisations predicted for 2021 that supply risk mitigation would hardly play a role and that the clear focus would be on cost reduction.

Five challenges we must address when ‘hiring’ our suppliers

What do we get wrong when we 'hire' our suppliers? What can procurement learn from the hiring processes we have in place for our staff and how can those lessons be adopted in better practice procurement functions?

Light years behind: Supplier leadership vs people leadership

Let’s face it, we’re light years behind in how we source and manage suppliers. At least in comparison to how we select and lead our staff. In fact we'd argue that the same strategies work across managing people and managing suppliers. And that those organisations that do receive much better performance from their supply base

Government organisations and private sector businesses experienced the pandemic very differently

Public sector procurement teams were tasked with introducing stimulus into the economy rather than reducing cost as was the case in the private sector. How long is this going to last? We surveyed 46 public sector procurement functions in 2020 to understand how the COVID-19 crisis impacted procurement teams in Australia.

Advanced Spend Analytics to Drive Procurement Reform – A Webinar

Watch our Procurement lead, Dr. Stefan Gassner talks through our work with a past client of ours, City of Sydney, around 'advanced spend analytics to drive procurement reform'.

PODCAST: AcademyGlobal Podcast Interview: What Finance can (and should) expect of Procurement

Listen to Stefan Gassner, our Director and Head of our Procurement Advisory, speak with Genevieve Malcolm from AcademyGlobal. Discussing the findings and insights from our latest study, 'What Finance can (and should) expect of Procurement'.

The Art of Successful Contract Management – A Webinar Series

Often, contract management is something that gets thrown at you. Without much explanation of what is required. That changes today! Purchase the seven-part contract management webinar series now. Each 45-minute webinar lesson covers everything you need to know about the art of successful contract management and improving supplier performance.

What separates immature and mature organisations?

After learning about procurement’s maturity levels and how these correlate to strategic alignment, we can firmly say, that they go hand in hand. What separates immature and mature organisations?

How the public sector shapes up. Why Procurement could not be further away from what is expected of them!

Findings from our industry study, 'What Finanance can (and should) expect of Procurement'; we found that not a single respondent from the public sector said cost was one of the most important area of focus. It wasn’t just cost that public sector procurement teams did not consider to be an important area of focus; again, not a single respondent said that risk reduction was an important area of focus, too.

Findings from our Sustainable Procurement Research

Grosvenor and Progressive Systems undertake regular research to understand the state of the procurement profession in Australia and New Zealand. This report details our findings from surveying 98 organisations about their efforts to implement sustainable practices in their procurement function.