Advanced Analytics

Advanced Spend Analytics to Drive Procurement Reform – A Webinar

Watch our Procurement lead, Dr. Stefan Gassner talks through our work with a past client of ours, City of Sydney, around 'advanced spend analytics to drive procurement reform'.

Predictive policy: the new frontier in government

It is a reality that businesses are increasingly using predictive analytics to achieve their outcomes – in marketing, pricing strategies and improving operations. Likewise, governments are also turning to data and AI to develop more timely, targeted and relevant policy for citizens. The increase in data-driven decision making and predictive analytics is palpable.

Why your benchmarking project will fail

Benchmarking can offer meaningful insights into relative performance and help identify learnings for improvement. So why do so many organisations fail at this important activity?

What it takes to successfully establish your primary health care workforce profile

A comprehensive profile of the primary health care workforce in your region is an essential input for effective workforce planning. But compiling the necessary data and keeping it up to date is easier said than done!

How to design evaluation questionnaires to gather meaningful data

Poorly designed Program Evaluation questionnaires can lead to wasted time and erode stakeholder confidence. Worse, they can result in faulty data, which can lead to flawed decision-making and have serious impacts on the outcome of a program. This guide will help you appraise your evaluation questionnaires and ensure you’re collecting the right data to truly measure the success of your program.

Tool for clarifying outcomes and determining data requirements

This tool is intended for: ‘unpacking’ program objectives or outcomes and determining the data requirements for monitoring and evaluation of the program against its outcomes. The tool can be used to focus on just one, or both, of the aims described above.

No data, no problem

In the ideal evaluation world, an evaluation occurs in the context of a beautifully planned and executed monitoring and evaluation framework. You have time and resources and oodles of beautiful, relevant, high quality data to inform your evaluation…… But who lives in this ideal world?  Oftentimes, you are notified late of the requirement, there’s a tight budget and timeframe, and for the final kicker…. you have no data.

How is your program going… really? Performance monitoring

Monitoring and managing the performance of a program is an integral part of program management. This blog helps you identify the factors you need to consider when developing a performance management framework.