The Grosvenor Governance Model

The Grosvenor Governance Model is the best practice 2-part model that has been developed over the course of many governance assignments.

The principles that support this model come from the Australian National Audit Office and the Australian Public Service Commission.

This model is completely scalable; from team or project level to organisation level, to complex inter-jurisdictional arrangements.

When can this model be helpful?

  • There have been some bad decisions, or the decision-making process is not working
  • Roles and responsibilities are not clear, or not well
  • There is lots of activity but little valuable output

‘Hard’ and ‘soft’ elements

Our model contains ‘hard’ structural elements and ‘soft’ enabling elements that must work in concert with one another for optimal governance to be achieved and sustainable.


Traditionally, governance is described and measured in terms of the hard, structural elements only. That is where our model differs from others. We know from the many governance assignments we have undertaken that without the enabling elements, effective governance is unlikely to be achieved.

The foundation ‘hard’ structural elements

If you are reviewing or designing a governance model, always start with the four foundation structural elements first. Without these four foundation structural elements, achievement in the remaining two structural elements is extremely unlikely.

You can use the framework of design or diagnostic questions to help you design or assess each of the structural elements in detail.

Start with the four foundational structural elements first.

The foundation ‘soft’ cultural elements

Foundation Enabling Elements

If you are reviewing or designing a governance model, in addition to looking at the four foundation structural elements also look at the three foundation enabling elements. Without these three foundation enabling elements, achievement in the remaining three enabling elements is extremely unlikely.

Where to from here?

There are a number of ways in which we can assist organisations to become high-performing and high-functioning or achieve significant outcomes through this governance model. ​

We’d love to chat with you about your needs. Leave your details here, and we’ll be in touch. 

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