Dr Caroline Ladewig

Senior Consultant


Caroline is a seasoned professional with experience in the public and private sectors and brings a wealth of insight around cultural change, education and training. She has a reputation for strong collaboration involving stakeholders across service delivery, change implementation, recruitment and HR solutions.

Caroline has an eye for detail and can confidently undertake qualitative and quantitative data analysis, analyse business processes, develop business cases and develop report deliverables. Prior to joining Grosvenor, Caroline held leadership and middle management roles across the education sector where her own demonstrated interpersonal skills were key to building relationships for effective service delivery and change management.

“Working for Grosvenor and engaging across the Procurement and Public Sector Advisory arms of the company fuels my passion for learning and means that I get to work with diverse clients, understand different cultural contexts and collaborate to resolve complex challenges.”

Key areas of expertise

  • needs and gap analysis 
  • stakeholder engagement 
  • policy analysis and development