Hannah Cotching

Senior Manager

BA (Politics and International Studies), BCom (Economics)

Hannah is a dynamic Senior Manager and Head of Grosvenor’s Victorian Operations. A highly motivated individual, Hannah has spent the past decade working with organisations and teams across the public, private, higher education and non-for-profit sectors to identify how they can improve and what they need to do to achieve it.

Hannah has extensive experience in a wide range of organisation review and improvement disciplines, including operating model redesign, strategy development, service delivery improvement and change and implementation management.

Through her time working in Grosvenor’s Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offices, Hannah has built strong working relationships and networks across jurisdictions, and an appreciation for how geography and local environments influence organisation design and success.

The value Hannah delivers for her clients is grounded in her ability to think critically, distil noise into clear insights, and engage meaningfully with diverse stakeholders. Her optimistic and enthusiastic outlook allows her to adapt to challenging situations, manage adversity and engage with her clients to achieve the best outcomes.

“I’ve worked at Grosvenor for a long time because I love it. I love working with my colleagues and clients to understand their organisations and solve diverse and complex business problems. Few things are more satisfying than working collaboratively to identify and drive change that you know will improve outcomes; improve outcomes not only for the organisation, but for service recipients and the workforce.”


Key areas of expertise

  • Operating and service delivery model design 
  • Process review and optimisation 
  • Strategy development
  • Procurement transformation
  • Stakeholder engagement


  • Worked with internal and external stakeholders across Queensland Courts to develop a new service delivery and operating model, including structural arrangements, for the delivery of registry services across Queensland 
  • Reviewed Queensland Health’s mental health telephone triage service recommending how changes in governance, policies, processes, leadership, resource allocation and training for clinical and non-clinical staff could improve compliance, management of risk, and efficiency and effectiveness to ensure the service remains sustainable
  • Reviewed processes associated with a shared services function against the tiered service delivery model, identifying opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining appropriate governance and confidentiality requirements 
  • Reviewed the functional operating structure and service delivery model of the Coroners Court, involving the assessment of five structural options and recommendation of a new operating model to improve staff wellbeing and retention, reduce silos and increase interjurisdictional collaboration, and address deficiencies in the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.
  • Assessed ten procurement and contract management functions in the public, private and higher education sectors against better practice and recommended how to improve current practice to streamline procurement and deliver tangible results for the business