Jessica Hanley

Jessica Hanley


"The nature of my work means that there is never a dull moment! 

Jess feels lucky enough to have a role which provides the opportunity to think critically about complex and dynamic client situations and work collaboratively with them to find practical and implementable solutions to their unique circumstances.

"I'm passionate about helping my public sector clients be the best they can be, as at the end of the day it benefits all Australians"

Key areas of expertise

  • Workflow and business process modelling, process re-engineering
  • Benchmarking and better practice assessment
  • Organisational design and service delivery design 
  • Program performance monitoring and reporting and post-implementation review
  • Procurement - procurement transformation, contingent workforce procurement and management and savings analysis


  • Designed a process which allowed one of the largest federal government agencies to identify, categorise and reduce their internal red tape, allowing the agency to deliver outcomes with decreased staff frustration and increased efficiency
  • Completed an end to end review of contractor procurement and management lifecycle which lead to a wide-reaching organisational change and improvement program
  • Designed a future operating model which enabled a key federal government client to more efficiently and effectively roster internal staff, enabling them to better utilise current resources in a budget and FTE constrained environment