Melanie Learson


Bachelor of Arts (Communication), Master of Arts (Public Art)

Melanie is an expert in policy design with over ten years’ experience in the public sector. Her strength lies in creative approaches to tackling challenging policy problems. Such projects have been as broad as investigating the feasibility of alternative school building models without limiting pedagogical outcomes, rewriting industrial waste regulations to reduce illegal dumping and assessing the cost and engineering impact of increasing the three-axle bus mass limits on Australian roads.

She is most proud of her work gaining local government commitment to regular consultation with First Nations community representatives and recognition of their enduring legacy. This included supporting local First Nation’s people to redesign the criteria used in grant funding, to reflect and capture cultural goals. This also included supporting Aboriginal artists to develop and produce artworks in large scale. One of which won a 2022 Local Government Award for Excellent in First Nations Community Partnership.

As a specialist in community co-design, collective governance and design thinking, Melanie is excited by projects that take an innovative approach to deliver important and valuable community services.

“You can’t just offer a solution and expect a result. Communities are the toughest client you will face because services affect them every day. They deserve, as much as anyone, a solution that works for them and their life, not that just works in theory.”