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What carrots work for NGO suppliers?

Governments across Australia contract more and more essential services from not-for-profit and non-government organisations (NGOs). Prime examples are the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the NSW Smart, Skilled and Hired program.

But how should government agencies go about incentivising these service providers to achieve or better exceed performance expectations?

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Topics: Procurement and Contracting, Supplier Management, High Stakes Procurement, Procurement Transformation

Does size matter? – the truth revealed

You could be forgiven for thinking that suppliers provide better performance to their larger clients. Or those that are more profitable. Or those that represent growth opportunities.

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What’s the difference between suppliers and employees when it comes to motivating for high performance?

As it turns out - nothing!

When you think about it, why would or should it be any different: in both situations we are talking about the motivation of human beings.

Most organisations invest in the development of their employees to gain optimal performance from their workforce.

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Topics: Procurement and Contracting, High Stakes Procurement

“Please return our calls!!!” - Candid comments from your suppliers…

It never ceases to amaze me how important the simple things like returning a phone call or responding to email are to successful buyer / seller relationships.

Funny how we expect a supplier to respond and even fall over themselves when we need them. But do we always show the same respect back? Is it ok not to just because we are the ones handing over the cash?

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Topics: Procurement and Contracting

Are your suppliers punishing you?

Ever wished you were a fly on the wall when your suppliers meet to discuss your contract and the relationship they have with you?

Trust me good or bad they have the conversations on many levels just as employees have conversations about their management.

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Topics: Procurement and Contracting

Want to spend less time worrying about poor supplier performance?

Supplier management is often something that gets thrown at you with little explanation of what is required, little to no training in how you monitor supplier performance or avoid the biggest traps.Spend less time worrying about poor performance and more time on making strategic decisions that truly deliver value for money for your organisation.Get your copy of our Supplier Performance Starter...

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Topics: Procurement and Contracting, Supplier Management

Grosvenor honoured at Australian Business Awards 2017!

Winners for Business Excellence, Service Excellence and Employer of Choice

Grosvenor is thrilled and extremely proud to be recognised as ABA100 Winners in Business Excellence, Service Excellence and Employer of Choice at the 2017 Australian Business Awards, winning in all three categories entered. 

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Is it time to put government property under the microscope?

Why focus is needed on the public sector's 2nd highest operating cost

Government has been asked to do more with less for a long time now. But have government property functions, often the second highest operating cost after staff, ever been properly put under the microscope?

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Topics: Property Strategy, Property Advisory

Is the Victorian public sector evaluation ready?

The Commonwealth government increased its focus on program evaluation through the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act in 2013. The NSW government has just increased its focus on program evaluation through its outcome budgeting reforms this year. These changes have been made in recognition of the value of program evaluation at getting to the heart of whether a program or...

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Topics: Program Evaluation

Good governance and strong risk management: Needed more than ever

There have been a number of governance failings in Australian government organisations recently. These were different cases but both ultimately with the same outcome – the fraud of taxpayers and loss of community faith in those organisations.  Read on to learn why investment in good governance and strong risk management is needed more than ever.

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Topics: Organisational Improvement