The Corporate Plan writing season has arrived!

The Corporate Plan writing season has arrived!

We hear you. After a year spent responding to COVID-19 it feels like you are (finally!) starting to get time to catch up on all of your business-as-usual work. In this context, reviewing your Corporate Plan may not be at the top of your priority list or at least not something welcomed with open arms.

But now is the time to write/overhaul your Corporate Plan and make it fit-for-purpose for 2021/22. This will not only help you meet regulatory requirements, but also bring it to the next maturity level of your organisation’s performance culture and management capabilities.

In our experience, many Commonwealth agencies struggle with the development of their Corporate Plan. This can be for a range of reasons but often results in a document which does not truly showcase:

  • what the agency is all about
  • why it exists (its purpose)
  • what it does for me (the citizen), and
  • how it is tracking (performing) in achieving its purpose and objectives.

This can sound disheartening but it does not have to be this way! So how could you make it a more engaging and practical document? And why is it worth your effort?

Taking the time to think about the design, content and structure of your plan now will provide a range of benefits, starting from providing greater clarity about what your agency and its exceptional work to informing through its performance measures evidence-based decision-making.

We have put together an ebook with some food for thought as a non-traditional, more creative approach to compromising this strategic planning document that has become for many a mere tick-in-the-box exercise.

Get started and don’t leave it too late! Read our ebook ‘Rewriting your Corporate Plan’ to see how you can tell an engaging and clear Performance Story.

Grosvenor can help to make sure you are adhering to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) and relevant Resource Management Guides (RMGs) as well as tailor it your specific needs. We don’t just apply a cookie-cutter approach, but we make sure Corporate Plans become citizen-centric and serve as a planning and performance measurement tool in the context of your organisation.

Rewriting Your Corporate Plan To Tell an Engaging and Clear Performance Story

A non-traditional, more creative approach to composing your strategic planning document.

How can we change the Corporate Plan to become a more engaging and practical document?

A step by step guide helping you:

  • Break down the basics of your Corporate Plan
  • Craft your Corporate Plan narrative
  • Provide you with proposed headings for each stage of your Plan
  • Ask the right questions at each stage of your Corporate Plan