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Procurement and Contracting

Receive maximum value from the market

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Procurement is about more than just sourcing suppliers. It’s about forming relationships and growing alongside your partners. Truly successful contractual relationships deliver all required outcomes, all anticipated benefits, plus just a bit more. Ensure that you’re getting everything that you deserve out of a business relationship with Grosvenor by your side.

How is Grosvenor different? The important difference is in how we work. We work collaboratively with you. We listen. We care. Then we get on and do. We make things happen for you and with you. Always.

How can we be this confident? Because our clients are. Over the last five years 60% of clients were repeat clients.

Read on for an overview of our services and see the type of work we’ve done for our clients. Then download our Procurement Advisory capability statement and contact Stefan Gassner, leader of our Procurement and Contracting practice with your questions. 


High Stakes Procurement

“This procurement can really change the way we do business. But if it goes sour, we’re exposed to significant risks.
We just don’t have the right capabilities and resources to give the project the attention it needs.”

High stakes procurement projects are daunting. It is difficult to make sense of available data, find your way through legislative requirements and still engage with the whole business. Because there is so much on, it is very common that procurement teams can only focus on fighting fires rather than ensuring that negotiated benefits materialise and risk exposure is minimised. It’s not the most efficient way to work and can be risky long term.

Unsure about how to get the best value for your money? We can figure it out.


Target iconImplement Grosvenor’s best practice contract and performance management frameworks.


Cog wheels icon

Count on the rigour behind our tried and tested procurement process for a smooth-running and compliant procurement experience.


Network iconLeverage our network of experts to gain market insights, truly understand your business needs, and remove grey areas from your specifications.



Working with world-class category specialists who really understand the industry can be a game-changer. Their expertise will help you see beyond any procurement process and quickly identify where the true value is. Complementing our own experienced teams, Grosvenor is proud to work with external specialists with hundreds of category-specific projects under their belt.

Find out how you can benefit from the very best people the industry has to offer. From the planning phase, through the market engagement and contract negotiations to benefits realisation. We’re there every step of the way, beginning to end. Let us know how we can help.

See more about High Stakes Procurement:

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Capability statement

Procurement Transformation

“We just can’t see how procurement delivers value. Instead, our procurement function imposes red tape and makes our life harder.”

Transforming the way procurement is done often receives push-back from the business. Fair enough, as so far procurement has been, at best, ineffectual and at worst, an impediment to their goals. In some cases the procurement function may also have been non-existent and procurement demands short term effort for long term benefits.

Need increased savings and better outcomes from your procurement function? We’re here to help.


Benchmark iconBenchmark your procurement function with Grosvenor’s database of the leading 150 organisations in Australasia.

Learn how to use all four spend levers to get better outcomes: Pay Less, Buy Cheaper, Buy Less, Buy Smarter.



Tailored solutions iconImplement tailored and practicable solutions that will make a real difference to your organisation.


Talk to us to learn how we identify quick wins that go beyond the traditional transformation process. We will help you plan a clear path forward to build your credibility internally. We’ll assist you in pinpointing where the opportunities are and help you implement them for maximum efficiency.

Let’s start the conversation about how you can get maximum value from the following:

  • procurement organisational design
  • capabilities of people, systems, process
  • category management
  • supplier relationship management
  • spend analysis / spend reduction.
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- Special report: “Where does the next wave of procurement savings come from?”

- Benchmark your procurement function - it’s free!

- Client stories


Capability statement

Supplier Leadership

“I need my suppliers to be more proactive. Right now, I feel like I am doing their work for them. They just don’t get us.”

More often than not service providers disappoint. Managers end up spending most of their time fixing stuff-ups and dealing with poor performance rather than making strategic decisions for the business. Consistent cost pressure exacerbates your frustration. What do you do?

Not getting what was promised from your service provider?

Trophy cup iconEmbed a culture of supplier leadership, not contract management.


Contract health iconDetermine if your contract is on track and where it is underperforming with Grosvenor’s Contract Health Checks.


Fix contract iconLeverage Grosvenor’s impartial expertise to fix a dysfunctional contract or relationship. 


Talk to us about how we can help you turn around your contract. Or how you get more innovation from your service provider. Count on the confidence from leveraging our vast experience and tools to enhance your supplier leadership capabilities. Imagine what a difference a proactive service provider will make to your success.

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- Special report: “Supplier Leadership: How to get more than what you paid for”

Start your Contract Health Check now!

Contract Management webinar course

- Client stories


Capability statement

Our Clients

Our clients are some of the biggest organisations in Australia requiring assistance with high stakes procurement projects, procurement transformations, and supplier management.


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