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Property Advisory

Make the most of your accommodation portfolio

Did you know that corporate real estate (CRE) is one of the largest expenditures for private and public sector organisations, coming second only to staff costs? This means that it’s also an area with lots of opportunity for improvement and greater efficiencies.

Grosvenor’s experienced Property Advisory consultants provide independent advice to leadership teams responsible for the strategic and operational management of an organisation’s real estate.

Whether you own or lease offices, retail sites, educational facilities or industrial sites, we can help you reduce your spend and risk, improve services quality and align your accommodation portfolios to the current and future needs of your business.

Read on for an overview of our services.

Alternatively, contact Kent Stuart, who leads our Property Advisory practice.

Service delivery strategies

Understand how your property department is performing. Plan for the future of your property team

Grosvenor has over 20 years of experience helping organisations reviewing their property services and identifying improvement opportunities that will have a lasting impact

Process, people and systems

Managing complex CRE portfolios requires integrated processes and the right IT systems. Grosvenor is ISO accredited and can assess your property function in its entirety or provide advice on the right IT and end to end processes to suit your business needs.

CRE organisational design – the right people in the right roles

Successful CRE teams require a mix of technical skills, management capability and strategic nous. We assess the current capability of your internal property team and identify gaps to build a clear roadmap for improved capability.

Outsourcing – reduce costs and streamline delivery

Outsourcing can reduce overheads and significantly improve performance. However, it can be fraught with risk if not handled correctly.

Grosvenor can help design the optimal contract for your organisation. Whether you need help defining a scope, evaluating offers or managing the end to end process, we have the knowledge and tools to assist.

Procurement strategies and contract reviews

Whether it be for a one off contract or the whole scope of services, Grosvenor has the procurement and contracting expertise to deliver better outcomes from your contract spend.

We can establish your internal procurement function, fast track a high risk contract, develop a full set of procured contracts or review existing contracts. Find out more about our Procurement and Contracting Services here.

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Accommodation planning

Ensure your accommodation portfolio is always performing at its best.

Managing large property portfolios is complex. Mapping accommodation supply to business demand is critical to managing risks and allows the business to exit excess commitments.

We can assess your accommodation needs operationally, financially and strategically to develop strategies to meet your business goals.

Accommodation audits – know what you have and how much it’s costing

The first step to developing any accommodation plan is to understand your current situation. Our audits cover leases, sites, assets and workplace usage to develop a complete picture of your commitments and how they relate to core business outcomes.

Optimisation strategies – align your accommodation to organisational needs

Improving workplace density, rationalising branch locations or consolidating of back office sites can all deliver substantial cost benefits as well as improved business efficiencies.

Grosvenor can help you develop short and long term plans to optimise your accommodation usage – for the entire organisation or just a specific business unit.

Business case development – comprehensive analysis of costs and benefits

Accommodation projects necessitate substantial investment and require decades of planning. To achieve the organisational buy-in and commitment you need, we can help you develop a business case that integrates property, people and ICT needs into a coherent plan.

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Project management

Ensure your projects are on track for success.

Sometimes property projects can go off the rails, slow down or suffer from ever-spiralling costs. We apply a comprehensive approach to ensure risk, scope, timeframes and business needs are met.

Project delivery designed to meet your business requirements

We design project delivery systems and processes to meet the specific financial, resourcing and business management needs of your organisation to ensure your project stays on track.

High stakes project management – unique projects need tailored solutions

Some projects are too complex or too risky to be delivered through standard processes. Even experienced teams need assistance when faced with a project that is too important to fail.

Take a load off. Our knowledge of property and constructions markets combined with our ability to engage internal stakeholders ensures your project has the optimal structure, reporting and risk management systems. If necessary, we can act as project director to coordinate all internal and external resources to ensure project success.

Project reviews, audits and assessments – independent, expert reviews

Knowing the status of your project is one thing; but understanding the factors that are impacting a successful delivery is critical. Grosvenor can deliver one off reviews or an ongoing quality assurance program to help you achieve your project goals.

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Our Clients

Our clients are some of the biggest organisations in Australia requiring assistance with service delivery, accommodation planning and project management.


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