Are you a savings champion?

Are you a savings champion?

Emerging trends in advanced spend levers

In 2015, Grosvenor collaborated with PASA to survey hundreds of top procurement professionals in Australasia.

Why? Because we wanted to identify the most effective savings tactics in use and understand who was using them to the best effect.

What we discovered might surprise you.

Did you know?

  • most organisations are only using Pay Less tactics, missing out on anything up to a 122% increase in savings
  • only a few organisations use more advanced spend levers such as Buy Cheaper, Buy Less and Buy Smarter
  • most organisations could more than double their savings just by implementing one of those spend levers alone


Want to know how to maximise your procurement savings?

Download below Grosvenor’s CPO study report to find out more about these levers and learn how to implement them today!