How will you make sense of all that data?
How will you know what to prepare to ensure relevance in the future?
What will you do to protect the data you already have?

Our Advanced Analytics capabilities include:

  • Data governance
  • Simulation modelling and predictive analysis
  • Scenario planning
  • Data analysis and insights

Case Studies

Department of Employment | Corporate Level KPIs

The client required assistance in creating a complete set of effective corporate-level KPIs. Together with the Department, Grosvenor’s team was able to develop a number of internally supported KPIs that focus on mission-critical functions. Adopting a collaborative and consultative approach assisted our client’s understanding of how to develop appropriate and effective corporate-level performance indicators in line with better practice.

Overcoming data inconsistencies through evaluation

In 2013, a Commonwealth funding initiative to improve the delivery of services across Australia through the use of digital technologies concluded. Grosvenor was engaged by the Department to conduct a final summative evaluation of the initiative to assess its achievements, outcomes and impacts as well as lessons learned for future policy development.

Creating a happy high performing team through workload capacity analysis

The Commonwealth Government Agency had trouble understanding the time needed to deliver tasks. For this client, Grosvenor conducted a comprehensive process mapping exercise to develop a detailed understanding of the existing processes and the time required to complete each task.

Insights & Resources

No data, no problem

In the ideal evaluation world, an evaluation occurs in the context of a beautifully planned and executed monitoring and evaluation framework. You have time and resources and oodles of beautiful, relevant, high quality data to inform your evaluation…… But who lives in this ideal world?  Oftentimes, you are notified late of the requirement, there’s a tight budget and timeframe, and for the final kicker…. you have no data.