How does your program impact the community?
What should you do differently to get better results/outcomes in the future?
What evidence do you need to identify whether the program has been successful?

Our Program Evaluation capabilities include:

  • Program planning, design and management
  • Monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Program evaluation design and delivery
  • Evaluation capability development, mentoring and coaching

Case Studies

Northern Hospice Feasibility Study

Through this study, Grosvenor assessed the need for, and feasibility of, a dedicated hospice service in Launceston. This included analysis of the current, unmet and expected future demand for hospice care in Northern Tasmania, including existing hospice and palliative care services and the capacity of these services to meet the community need now and in the future.

Improving primary health care through evaluation

Northern Melbourne Medicare Local (NMML) needed a comprehensive stocktake of the delivery of primary health services across their five Local Government Areas (LGAs) to inform strategic direction over the next three years. Grosvenor was engaged to conduct extensive primary care service capacity mapping and a needs assessment for the five LGAs in NMML.

Department of Employment | Corporate Level KPIs

The client required assistance in creating a complete set of effective corporate-level KPIs. Together with the Department, Grosvenor’s team was able to develop a number of internally supported KPIs that focus on mission-critical functions. Adopting a collaborative and consultative approach assisted our client’s understanding of how to develop appropriate and effective corporate-level performance indicators in line with better practice.

Insights & Resources

How to put evaluation results into action: Prioritise for maximum impact 

The way evaluators develop, test and present recommendations has a huge impact on how improvements will finally manifest (if at all). Good recommendations and improvement opportunities identified during an evaluation are those that can be put into action. To maximise the impact and value of each evaluation, it is critical that program managers aren’t left asking ‘what next’ once the final report is delivered.

What is negative program theory and why should you use it?

Most people developing their program logics and program theory focus almost exclusively on how the targeted outcomes can be achieved.

Making the tough decisions about your program – nobody likes a dilemma!

How will decisions get made? Who is ultimately responsible? There’s a lot to think about. Fortunately, there are multiple things you can do to simplify and bring clarity to this process, ensuring that your decision making is both efficient and effective (it’s a win-win!).

DIY Program Evaluation Kit

DIY Program Evaluation Kit

In "Plain English"

Not sure how to monitor your program’s performance?

Don’t know where to start to judge whether your program is on track?

A monitoring and evaluation framework is an integral part of understanding how well your program is performing.

It helps you set out and record the activities you need to complete to assess your program’s performance over time to assess whether your program is on the right track.

We created this M&E framework guide to help you build your own. The guide gives you the right structure and useful explanation of what is typically required in each section

Download our comprehensive guide to build an M&E framework for your own program today.