What do you aspire to achieve?
Do you know how you will get there?
What are the root causes of your current issues and what is the best way to address these?

Our Strategy & Governance capabilities include:

Case Studies

Development of a capability framework and operating model to enable success

We were approached by a government regulator who plays a vital role in supporting Australia to transition to a low carbon economy. The regulator was looking to develop a future-proofed capability framework, operating model and governance structure, to match the type of work they do and expanding field they operate in.

Process changes speed up service delivery and reduce complaints

Safety Regulator had outdated technology and systems was struggling to keep up with demand for its services and meet its own performance targets. With findings from our review, the client was able to overcome outdated technology and systems and improve performance targets.

New organisational structure facilitates collaboration and improves outcomes

Grosvenor enabled the Executive of the State Enforcement Agency to gain broad support for change, despite the challenging start. Our approach ensured stakeholders continued to remain committed to the change, through effective stakeholder communication and engagement.

Insights & Resources

Reflecting on the lessons from crisis management and rapid recovery

There are many different types of crises: natural and human-made disasters, political scandals, terrorism attacks, commercial collapses, global health emergencies. Some crises arrive swiftly, undetected, catching us off-guard. Others we can see coming from a long way off, yet are powerless to avoid them.

PODCAST: Making your public sector Corporate Plan a more engaging, practical and inspiring document.

We've just launched our first podcast all about making your public sector Corporate Plan a more engaging, practical and inspiring document. 

How to avoid a negative performance audit

You can easily avoid a negative performance audit finding through a little bit of preparation and effort. Not only will this save you from a negative audit finding, but there are other spin offs too.

DIY Program Evaluation Kit

DIY Program Evaluation Kit

In "Plain English"

Not sure how to monitor your program’s performance?

Don’t know where to start to judge whether your program is on track?

A monitoring and evaluation framework is an integral part of understanding how well your program is performing.

It helps you set out and record the activities you need to complete to assess your program’s performance over time to assess whether your program is on the right track.

We created this M&E framework guide to help you build your own. The guide gives you the right structure and useful explanation of what is typically required in each section

Download our comprehensive guide to build an M&E framework for your own program today.