Program Evaluation Expert

Dana Cross

Associate Director

BA (German, Anthropology), BSc (Genetics)

Dana is a public sector expert, possessing over 15 years of deep experience advising Government organisations on program evaluation, organisational review, optimisation and procurement projects. Dana has designed and executed evaluations for highly complex programs across a range of program areas including health and social, industry regulation and environmental programs.

As a member of Grosvenor’s leadership team, Dana has responsibility for thought leadership within our program evaluation services. 

"At the end of the day, I see my role as moving obstacles out of the way to make life easier for my clients. That's what I love about the public service! There are so many challenges operating in such a large, complex, regulated environment. My mission has always been to demystify this and distil into practical easy to consume information and advice that equips managers, streamlining their ability to deliver optimal outcomes long after our engagement has finished. "

Key areas of expertise

  • Public sector
  • All things program and policy 
  • Program design, evaluation and performance management
  • Organisational and service review and performance enhancement
  • High stakes procurement


  • By combining detailed data analysis and thorough stakeholder engagement we were able to recommend a way forward for a highly politicised health service. The recommendations, supported by robust evidence, allowed for clear decision making within a controversial environment
  • End to end review of contractor lifecycle lead to wide reaching organisational change and improvement program
  • Able to deliver new and innovative service model elements for a long standing childcare program to enhance the end-users experience at minimal additional cost