Our Capability & Culture services include:

Workplace climate and culture assessments

Capability models, frameworks and reviews

Team structure and future of work design

Change management and new ways of working habits

Strategic workforce planning

Job design

Case Studies

Creating a happy high performing team through workload capacity analysis

The Commonwealth Government Agency had trouble understanding the time needed to deliver tasks. For this client, Grosvenor conducted a comprehensive process mapping exercise to develop a detailed understanding of the existing processes and the time required to complete each task.

NCPHN Development of Workforce Profile

The client had a lack of understanding of the region’s workforce in order to establish a workforce strategy. Grosvenor was able to work with the client to weaken longstanding differences and build a diverse, supportive and productive Steering Group. An inclusive and solution-driven approach empowered the Steering Group to actively contribute to the project’s final outcomes.

Strengthening stakeholder relationships through monitoring and evaluation

A Commonwealth Department engaged Grosvenor to develop an evaluation framework, including data collection tools, for a nationwide-initiative across a number of industry sectors.

Insights & Resources

Reflecting on the lessons from crisis management and rapid recovery

There are many different types of crises: natural and human-made disasters, political scandals, terrorism attacks, commercial collapses, global health emergencies. Some crises arrive swiftly, undetected, catching us off-guard. Others we can see coming from a long way off, yet are powerless to avoid them.

What it takes to successfully establish your primary health care workforce profile

A comprehensive profile of the primary health care workforce in your region is an essential input for effective workforce planning. But compiling the necessary data and keeping it up to date is easier said than done!

Could my organisation benefit from outsourcing?

Many organisations are facing this, sometimes controversial, question right now. For example, the Federal Department of Human Services is, very publicly, trying to grapple with this question in testing opportunities for outsourcing some or all of its back-of-house processing and payment functions.

DIY Program Evaluation Kit

DIY Program Evaluation Kit

In "Plain English"

Not sure how to monitor your program’s performance?

Don’t know where to start to judge whether your program is on track?

A monitoring and evaluation framework is an integral part of understanding how well your program is performing.

It helps you set out and record the activities you need to complete to assess your program’s performance over time to assess whether your program is on the right track.

We created this M&E framework guide to help you build your own. The guide gives you the right structure and useful explanation of what is typically required in each section

Download our comprehensive guide to build an M&E framework for your own program today.