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Procurement is a critical function for any business stuck in a global recession. The ability to drive cost down and move quickly is vital.

In doing so, effective procurement teams deliver against company objectives. Not procurement objectives.

These teams truly support the rest of the business through a deep understanding of business needs. They work to optimise the cost base and the performance across the whole value chain.

Being able to influence the business on how to use all available procurement levers, not just aggregation and tendering, is critical to drive the next wave of procurement savings and benefits for your business.

We are happy to dive in wherever you need us but no matter what your specific requirements maybe as part of any prospective engagement we offer an initial no charge Situation Analysis.

In this consultation we analyse your current situation benchmarked against best practice and a roadmap of the options and activities that could be undertaken to improve your results.

Case Studies


Are you or your procurement team facing the following challenges?

  • New to your position, looking for focus and some quick wins
  • Frustrated with how procurement works in your business
  • Tasked with finding another round of cost savings
  • Seem to be continually putting out fires instead of focusing on the future
  • Underwhelmed with the performance of some or all of your suppliers
  • Unsure if you are receiving value, including innovation compared to your competitors
  • Procurement data is too poor for meaningful spend analysis
  • Our procurement systems are not fit for purpose for the public sector

We help our clients:

  • Identify the “First 100 days roadmap” for CPOs and Heads of Procurement
  • Identify which categories present the most likely cost savings and bang for buck 
  • Align the procurement function so that it delivers business objectives
  • Find the space to think strategically and add real value to your business
  • Become highly effective at maximising the value from contracts and driving expected behaviours from suppliers
  • Fix existing dysfunctional contracts and relationships with suppliers
  • Implement better practice procurement, contract and performance frameworks
  • Improve existing procurement systems 
  • Guide teams when selecting and implementing new procurement systems

We do this by:

  • Using artificial intelligence to categorise spend and use our experience to predict where savings are possible
  • Embedding our team of industry leading category experts into your project team for rapid upskilling of your procurement capabilities
  • Diagnosing problems with your contracts, systems, process and capabilities and implementing better practice
  • Benchmarking your procurement function with the leading 150 organisations in Australasia
  • Providing end to end change management support for procurement systems

Our Consulting Service

Cost Control and Reduction

When it comes to cost control and reduction there is more than one way to skin the cat. Procurement teams actually have 4 levers at their disposal - Pay Less, Buy Cheaper, Buy Less, Buy Smarter.

Our team will:

  • Use our artificial intelligence spend analysis tool SPAT to categorise your spend, even if all you have is low quality data
  • Show you where you can make savings using all 4 spend levers
  • Provide you with deep category insight to quickly realise cost saving opportunities (including in property, facilities management. professional services and ICT)
  • Give you on demand access to our resources to supplement your own team.


Process Improvement

Transforming the way procurement is done often receives internal resistance particularly if to date it has been ineffectual or an impediment to getting things done.

Our team will:

  • Assess the procurement capabilities of people, systems and processes.
  • Diagnose exactly where the pain is, what is causing it and then implement the changes with you.
  • Give you the time to focus on the important not only the urgent through improved planning and better category management.
  • Streamline procurement policies, processes, guidelines and templates.
  • Coach and tailor training across the whole contract lifecycle.

Procurement Systems

Chances are your function can be significantly improved through better procurement systems. We offer truly independent and system agnostic advice on how you get more of existing systems and how to drive customer adoption of new systems.

Our offer:

  • Clearly identify why your existing systems do not deliver the benefits and efficiencies they should. Then we help you implement the fixes
  • Use artificial intelligence to rapidly understand your spend even if the underlying data is poor
  • Assess your readiness for the implementation of a new procurement system and develop the business case
  • Support the change management that is required for any successful eProcurement system

Supplier Leadership

More often than not service providers disappoint. Managers end up spending most of their time putting out fires and dealing with poor performance rather than making strategic decisions.

We help you:

  • Introduce a contract management and supplier relationship management framework to drive the required behaviour from your suppliers.
  • Determine if your contracts are on track and where they are under-performing and get them up to scratch through our contract health checks.
  • Fix a dysfunctional contract or relationship.

Insights & Resources

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Where to Start?