Procurement driven performance improvement

Public Sector

Optimising the performance and compliance of complex procurement contracts, functions, processes and teams.


Delivering real business value, including substantial savings in an environment where stakeholders have autonomy to buy whichever way they like.


Easing the pain of being “caught in the middle”: the cost-pressures of the private sector and the compliance requirements of the public sector.


Modern day procurement extends well beyond the realm of cost reduction in an environment where the ability to move quickly and effectively is vital.

Useful Resources

Dealing with supply risk: becoming a customer of choice

Assuring the supply base and its viability is currently an important procurement goal. So how exactly are organisations dealing with mitigation of supply risk? What can you learn and adopt?

Choosing a suitable eProcurement system: What others had to learn the hard way

Unfortunately, not all procurement teams get to enjoy full benefits from their technology solutions. Why is that? Learn how to avoid missing out these crucial benefits.

What can Finance expect of Procurement?

Well, it’s often been suggested that Finance and Procurement are at loggerheads about what is good for the organisation. Is it savings? Is it risk reduction? Is it ensuring that sustainability a core focus, or even commercial outcomes? All of the above?

How to get started with sustainable procurement?

With spend in supply chains representing an average of 60% of an organisation’s budget, procurement strategy and processes have a profound ability to affect the social, environmental and economic sustainability of business at large. The power of procurement to contribute, both positively and negatively, to sustainable objectives has never been so widely recognised.

Is there a pot of gold hidden in your procurement spend?

Prioritising your procurement initiatives would be a lot easier if indicators existed that helped you determine where your most likely source of savings is going to come from. Deriving this set of indicators, we started with the four spend levers that we know are available to procurement folk.

Carrot or stick? 2017 Supplier Performance Study

On average, procurement teams can gain an extra 29% performance from their suppliers with some simple changes. Our 2017 research study uncovered what suppliers would like to (but often can't) say to buyers to help them turn this around.

The three keys to procurement driven cost reduction and performance improvement

A game changing guide for modern (next generation) procurement professionals.

Being able to influence the business on how to use all available procurement levers, not just aggregation and tendering, is critical to drive the next wave of procurement savings and benefits for your business.

Great in theory but how can we as a profession effect significant change to such a well-entrenched and established way of working?

Perhaps the first and most important step is to think differently and not be afraid to question conventional thought.

In this guide we introduce to you three game changing ways of viewing and approaching existing business problems, namely:

  1. Getting performance from suppliers is the same as getting performance from staff
  2. Tenders no longer generate savings – you have to pull all four spend levers
  3. Procurement must become a trusted internal advisory team

This is not just theory, from our research of more than 250 Australian organisations we know that turning the ship around to better source and manage suppliers leads to an increase in performance of 29 percent!

Download your copy where we turn the world of procurement on its head, challenge the status quo and share our insights for dramatic supplier performance improvement.