What works best to motivate suppliers?

Want to boost supplier performance?

The research is in!

In 2017, we surveyed 163 buyer and 89 supplier organisations across Australasia managing a combined spend of over $5.6bn designed to bring you the latest key insights for helping you boost your supplier performance.

This year we focussed the study on the suppliers themselves, to gain their perspective on what buyers should be doing differently to boost their supplier performance.

From the results of the research, we asked the question: What works best to motivate suppliers – a carrot or a stick?


2017 Procurement Study

Carrot or Stick?

Keys to boosting supplier performance revealed

Our 2017 research study highlights clearly a number of practical insights that will help your organisation drive much stronger performance from your suppliers.

The report hightlights:

  • What performance buyers typically get from their suppliers
  • What suppliers recommend buyers should do to improve the suppliers performance
  • What interventions actually work to lead suppliers to better performance
  • Differences between managing contracts in the public and private sector
  • Three things you can do today to improve supplier performance