Savings, lasting impact and credibility generated even after a merger

Grosvenor was engaged to act as the role of Head of Procurement, to assist in transforming the function. Grosvenor was required to maintain the business as usual functions of procurement while conducting the review of the department, including the support provided to the rest of the Bank.

Savings of more than 10% savings discovered through spend, category and inventory analysis

Grosvenor was engaged to conduct an organisational wide inventory, spend and category analysis, and to conduct a review of the entire procurement function to identify savings and efficiencies, and to provide a model and implementation plan for the future delivery of procurement for a large mixed utility provider.

P2P Transformation – eCatalogues to delight buyers and suppliers

Our client is a large NSW public sector organisation with a need to establish central eCatalogues that their buyers, their suppliers and their Finance and Audit teams were going to be delighted with. This would ensure high uptake and maximum benefits.

How our client identified 11% savings per year using advanced spend levers

Our client, a medium sized utility, required help with the identification of savings and implementation strategies for each category of spend. Our research, revealed that the four spend levers Pay Less, Buy Less, Buy Cheaper and Buy Smarter, can be a great start to identifying savings.