Strengthening stakeholder relationships through monitoring and evaluation

A Commonwealth Department engaged Grosvenor to develop an evaluation framework, including data collection tools, for a nationwide-initiative across a number of industry sectors. The framework aimed to achieve rigorous monitoring and evaluation activities over the life of the program.

NCPHN Development of Workforce Profile

The client had a lack of understanding of the region’s workforce in order to establish a workforce strategy. Grosvenor was able to work with the client to weaken longstanding differences and build a diverse, supportive and productive Steering Group. An inclusive and solution-driven approach empowered the Steering Group to actively contribute to the project’s final outcomes.

Creating a happy high performing team through workload capacity analysis

The Commonwealth Government Agency had trouble understanding the time needed to deliver tasks. For this client, Grosvenor conducted a comprehensive process mapping exercise to develop a detailed understanding of the existing processes and the time required to complete each task.

New organisational structure facilitates collaboration and improves outcomes

Grosvenor enabled the Executive of the State Enforcement Agency to gain broad support for change, despite the challenging start. Our approach ensured stakeholders continued to remain committed to the change, through effective stakeholder communication and engagement.

Helping improve a Regulator’s culture through a collaborative structural review

An organisation divided is an organisation that is not focused on its purpose and delivering value to the taxpayer. Worse, it is at risk of not meeting its legislative obligations because so much energy is consumed in internal power struggles, rather than to the task at hand. Grosvenor conducted consultations with all team members to gain evidence for the review and clear the air from legacy frustrations. This started the process of building commitment to a new vision for the organisation.

Using data analytics to help NCPHN design a primary healthcare workforce strategy

The North Coast Primary Healthcare Network (NCPHN) has a vision to deliver quality, accessible and coordinated primary healthcare which is responsive to the needs of the community. Grosvenor's strong understanding of the public sector and primary healthcare networks combined with our contemporary data collection, analysis and visualisation tools delivered the NCPHN an accurate profile and dynamic visualisation of its primary healthcare workforce, a single data repository and a roadmap for its future workforce strategy.