Department of Employment | Corporate Level KPIs

The Client: Department of Employment


The client required assistance in creating a complete set of effective corporate-level KPIs.

Our Solution

  • A highly collaborative approach, combining better practice and tailored KPI development tools
  • A custom-made interactive tool to assess appropriateness of current performance indicators
  • A revised, manageable set of quantitative and qualitative, outcome-focused performance indicators


  • Ability to tell a complete and meaningful performance story of the Department
  • Enhanced internal decision making capabilities

Telling a meaningful performance story can be challenging. In the case of our client, the existing set of KPIs, published in the Corporate Plan and Portfolio Budget Statements, required a re-fresh to accurately highlight the Department’s progress towards achieving its purpose.

Together with the Department, Grosvenor’s team was able to develop a number of internally supported KPIs that focus on mission-critical functions.

Adopting a collaborative and consultative approach assisted our client’s understanding of how to develop appropriate and effective corporate-level performance indicators in line with better practice. This meant KPIs are sufficiently applied, and inform performance management activities across all levels of the organisation in the future.

Overall, we were able to establish KPIs that strike the right balance between telling a complete performance story, in a concise and efficient way.

Most importantly, the Department is now able to build a credible and accurate case about its contribution to the Australian public.

“Very professional and credible team. Grosvenor’s consultants clicked easily with our senior leadership and were able to elicit candid and meaningful engagement. (…) Grosvenor’s review of our performance measures gives us an external view on where we’re doing well, and where we have room to improve”

– Department of Employment

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