Grosvenor’s Property Assessment Framework

Property Assessment Framework

Let’s face it, you’re currently reviewing your property services thanks to a recent pandemic. A review and reform of services within your corporate property portfolio is either underway, under review or rushed to completion.

That is why we’re here to help. We have released an assessment framework that has been in development for over 20 years, which can be used to review and assess the property services function of any organisation.

Figure 1 – ‘Grosvenor’s Property Assessment Framework.’

These concepts and structure used in this framework can be applied to a wide variety of property functions including:

  • CRE (Corporate Real Estate) departments in both public and private sectors
  • Asset management, property management, facilities management, or accommodation services departments
  • Workplace services and shared services functions

The framework is structured to enable the key strengths and weaknesses of organisational practice to be surfaced as well as demonstrating the interrelationships between various aspects of the framework and is divided into the following sections:

  • Two foundation capabilities of financial management and data/systems
  • Four organisational design pillars across two dimensions.
  • People systems covering organisational structure, people, and capabilities
  • Technical systems including service delivery model and the processes and procedures deployed
  • Two strategic capabilities that link property services to organisational strategy covering client engagement and property investment strategy.

By applying this framework, an overall assessment of your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses will be revealed. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool to identify the root causes of an issue or to prioritise change and improvement efforts.

Join us through this article series, where will explore all aspects of the operating and functional model are assessed together with the linkages between each aspect of the design.