Sumedha Gupta

Senior Consultant

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons), Master of Social Sciences (Applied Economics), MBA (Ongoing)

Sumedha is a consultant based out of our Sydney office. Having worked as a researcher in Singapore with high-level governments in Southeast Asia, she brings strong public policy and stakeholder engagement skills to Grosvenor. Sumedha has a strong focus on delivering public sector and procurement projects.  

Pursuing a MBA at UNSW has given her the opportunity to apply her skills to create solutions for businesses. She is passionate about helping clients and creating long-term impact. 

“I love solving the hard challenges for our clients and to do that alongside a team that is so driven, down to earth and dedicated is just a bonus.”

Key areas of expertise

  • Public policy
  • Data analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic Procurement


  • Undertaking commissioning review for a client to identify areas for improvement and recommending steps to reduce inefficiencies and variations in the process
  • Led projects and co-authored three books on competitiveness analysis of Indian states based on factors such as economic stability, efficiency of government institutions, business and labour conditions and quality of life
  • Partnered with a think tank in Nepal to establish a regional competitiveness framework to inform policy decisions
  • Conducted a survey to assess the micro, medium and small enterprise landscape for a regional government in India to spur industrial upgradation.