Building Better Governance – a DIY Toolkit

Easy to use, logical guidance and tools based on trusted work

The Better Governance DIY Toolkit incorporates the elements of the ISO37000 standard, as well as the excellent work of the APSC, ANAO, and ASIC. It has also been developed in conjunction with and tested by some of Australia’s leading corporate governance specialists.

It condenses all of that into an easy to use, logical toolkit of guidance and practical checklists to ensure conformance and compliance while driving performance.

The toolkit is adaptable to any industry, sector, type of organisation or work.

It is completely scalable- from simple teams and projects, through to whole-of-organisation, and right up to complex inter-jurisdictional programs and portfolios.

The toolkit aims at building governance maturity, which you can measure with the free self-assessment tool to track your progress to better practice governance which is tailored to your organisational needs.

So why use the Better Governance DIY Toolkit? well .. because it’s better!

The toolkit is based on a recognised better practice model of governance.

Traditionally, governance is described and measured in terms of the structural elements only. That is where this toolkit differs from others. Without the enabling elements, effective governance is unlikely to be achieved.

Our toolkit contains structural elements and enabling elements that must work in concert with one another for optimal governance to be achieved and sustainable.

So let’s get you started. Download your Better Governance Toolkit