Better contract management outcomes: A principles based framework

Grosvenor worked with a public organisation in New South Wales to improve their contract management. Our client not only required the confidence that the organisation complies with all regulation but at the same time wanted to increase the value they receive from their contracts.We assisted our client in the implementation for a flagship contract.

Procurement reporting that drives results

A NSW State Government client is on a journey to implement a new Enterprise Resource System (ERP). While the new system will enhance the availability and validity of data, our client understands that just reporting on nice-to-know statistics, such as the number of purchase orders raised and the number of suppliers used, doesn’t help much. Grosvenor was able to design three streamlined reports that enable our client to track procurement outcomes across the organisation.

Five tips for successful services procurements

A government authority, the key buyer for health goods and services within the state, was procuring a services contract for the transport of patients to and from hospitals, care facilities and their homes. Grosvenor was engaged to assist with developing the tender response for our client. The scope of our engagement included the development of the written response and project management of the whole tender submission process. Our client increased its volume of service delivery substantially!

Transport for NSW awarded highest level Procurement Accreditation

In 2011 the NSW Government introduced its Scheme for Goods and Services Procurement Accreditation (the Scheme). Grosvenor reviewed extensive documentation and interrogated TfNSW’s procurement data. TfNSW was awarded the highest level of accreditation by the Department of Finance and Services, following our review.

Building procurement’s confidence to generate value

Recent changes have devolved accountabilities and responsibilities for most procurement activities to government agencies accredited under the NSW Scheme for Goods and Services Accreditation. Grosvenor subsequently provided this client with a more comprehensive and business-specific review of their procurement function, which identified opportunities to implement better practice incorporating the requirements of the Scheme and other learnings of better practice organisations.

Cutting travel spend through whole-of-government procurement strategy

The Australian Government had identified Commonwealth travel expenditure as a potential source of significant savings. The Commonwealth Department of Finance was charged with identifying a strategy for quantifying and realising these savings. One realisation strategy for detailed consideration was the establishment of whole-of-government purchasing arrangements for travel.

Kickstarting careers: Procurement of the Smart, Skilled and Hired Youth Employment Program

Our client recognised the high stakes nature of procuring to-date non-existing services from a non-existing market in rural NSW and engaged Grosvenor to run the end-to-end procurement stream for this program. Instead of detailed specifications, we developed documentation that clearly described what the problems were that YE Program was designed to address and how success will be measured and rewarded.

Establish and implement Chief Procurement Branch

Grosvenor assisted with scoping a procurement “Centre of Excellence” for “non-equipment” procurement and contracting. This branch has gone on to take up oversight and responsibility for all procurement across the department other than specialised equipment, which is procured by a separate division.

Revolutionising grant and contract management for SA Health

The project team delivered the strategy to re-align the management of grants and contracts with market requirements, stakeholder expectations and best practice. The strategy was approved by the Chief Executive Officer and his leadership team in early 2019. Grosvenor was retained to implement the elements of the strategy, including a capability uplift in commissioning across the Department.

Light bulbs

Professionalised contract and partner management at Ausgrid

Ausgrid has a large decentralised contract management function with more than 150 staff responsible for getting best performance from thousands of suppliers. To align this function with the overall business objectives of achieving sustainable, reliable and affordable outcomes for its electricity customers it was necessary to introduce a consistent way for how contracts are managed.  

Procurement transformation increased capabilities by 30%

The client recognised the need to establish a centre-led procurement function to adequately address business risks, legislative requirements and create better procurement outcomes. We identified the right size of the centre-led team, its roles and responsibilities during sourcing and contract management and a detailed implementation plan based on Grosvenor’s Procurement Framework.

NSW Health: A capability diagnostic of capital works procurement functions

Across NSW Health, 15 Local Health Districts (LHDs) deliver capital works projects, each project with a value of up to $10M. Above this threshold projects are delivered by a separate entity, NSW Health Infrastructure.

P2P Transformation – eCatalogues to delight buyers and suppliers

Our client is a large NSW public sector organisation with a need to establish central eCatalogues that their buyers, their suppliers and their Finance and Audit teams were going to be delighted with. This would ensure high uptake and maximum benefits.

Turning around the performance of a large outsourced contract

Large complex contract relationships require high-quality management skills and high-quality performance measures. Even with the best intentions parties can often find themselves at loggerheads when assessing performance. With over two decades of experience, Grosvenor works with clients to ensure contracts and contract relationships are performing.

Procurement of software development and maintenance services for four business critical systems

Our client engaged Grosvenor to run the end to end procurement project. Tied in with this was a contract and performance management framework, service level agreements and a risk and reward model that incentivised good performance.

Finding a suitable Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution for a NSW Government Client

Our NSW Government client's procurement team has been on a path of renewal and continuous improvement in contract management and sourcing. This required a capability uplift across the client's procurement function, which is well underway. The client is now embarking on a project to align its sourcing and contract management processes and systems with better practice.