Lightning Process Mapping

The Client: NSW Government

Process Mapping

Our Grosvenor team were very excited to travel out to our clients in Lightning Ridge to conduct process mapping workshops. The team conducted an improvements briefing session with the department’s project team to test initial improvement opportunities gleaned from consults, document reviews and workshops.

All elements of the department’s service delivery model were assessed as part of this improvements review.

The Grosvenor team also reviewed the department’s resourcing model to understand resource requirements based on:

>       time of year;

>       pre and post-implementation of proposed improvements; and,

>       benchmarking data and better practice from prior Grosvenor projects.

IT systems (administration, workflow management, financial management and supporting technologies) used by the department were reviewed including an assessment of the system’s ability to support the current-state end-to-end assessment process, issues with data accuracy and maintenance, potential gaps and applicability to the future state and options for fit-for-purpose replacement or enhancement.

The Grosvenor team compiled a detailed final report that captured issues and opportunities that were identified through the course of the engagement. Initiatives were categorized in terms of their likely impact to implement and the difficulty of implementing each initiative. Furthermore, a high-level implementation strategy was also provided as part of this report.

The result

The Grosvenor team got to walk in the shoes of our client for the duration of their stay in Lightning Ridge to really understand the needs and issues of the department. The process maps, procedure documents, Operations Manual and the final report that the Grosvenor team delivered were all well received by the Department. The systems review provided the Department with transparency on workload and an ability to forecast resources and manage workload to achieve timelines and minimise wait times.

What do you process maps look like? Do they need a review? Is it time to update your procedure documents and Operations Manual?
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