Establish and implement Chief Procurement Officer Branch

The Client:

Department of Defence
Establish and implement Chief Procurement Officer Branch

Grosvenor has had an ongoing relationship with the Department of Defence in providing procurement related advisory services since 1999.

Commencing in 2009, Grosvenor assisted with scoping a procurement “Centre of Excellence” for Defence, outside of the role provided by the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO). This led to the creation of a Centre of Excellence branch in “non-equipment” procurement and contracting. This branch has gone on to take up oversight and responsibility for all procurement across Defence other than the military equipment, which is procured by DMO.

Grosvenor was next engaged to develop the procurement framework, and draft policies, guidance and templates for all the stages of a procurement lifecycle. A Centre of Excellence procurement intranet page covering all the policies, guidance and templates was created, which was received with acclaim, including by the central agency responsible for procurement, Department of Finance. Grosvenor also conducted a 12 month review of the intranet portal and developed a quality system suitable for certification to the ISO 9001 standard.

Grosvenor has provided a range of other roles in support of establishing and operating the procurement branch including:

  • conducting a review of the Procurement Assurance Framework (PAR) that applies to all procurements over $20million
  • acting as an independent, expert member of the PAR gateway review team for major procurements
  • delivering training to procurement professionals across the branch on the lessons learned for major procurements arising from the PAR gateway reviews
  • conducting a review of Defence’s engagement with industry, including extensive consultations with major suppliers, culminating in the development (by Grosvenor) and publishing of an innovative Industry Engagement Charter.


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