Iconic Australian business reengages internal customers

The Client: Iconic Australian business

How to ensure success by aligning your measures for a successful outsourced relationship with those of the business

The situation

Whether it’s the pursuit of cost savings, reducing internal staff numbers or just divesting of non-core functions, there are many reasons why organisations outsource aspects of their property operations.

In this case study Grosvenor had to go back to basics and help this iconic Australian business to reengage with internal customers after the first attempt to outsource failed.

The challenge

With a diverse set of internal customers this major Australian corporate had a difficult time trying to get an outsourced facilities management contract to work. Their first attempt ended badly and many of the business units were convinced that outsourcing just wasn’t going to work for them. After auditing the contract and engaging with stakeholders it became clear that the original contract was motivating all the wrong behaviours.

The project

Grosvenor facilitated a workshop program designed to engage internal stakeholders and with them, define the critical success factors for a new outsourced facilities and real estate management contract. By allowing the differing views of a wide variety of internal customers to shape the measures of success, the client was able to surface their common needs as well as define the optimal scope for each group.

The outputs of this initial program were then used to shape the contract model, service specification and performance measures.

These were incorporated into a tender that redefined the requirement to meet the needs of the all stakeholders.

The results

The engagement process created awareness and understanding of the outsourcing program across the business laying the foundation for a successful transition.

By defining success in the eyes of internal customers, Grosvenor was able to build trust and deliver a sustainable long term outsource relationship for one of Australia’s most iconic businesses.

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