The Grosvenor Better Practice Governance Model

We all have an idea of what governance is

Most people think of the structures, reporting lines, powers and authorities that enable an organisation to conform with external requirements…but, there is much more to it.

Good governance requires deliberate design to provide assurance about conformance and performance.

And it is more than getting your ducks in a row.

When designing or reviewing governance arrangements it pays to keep the pillars of good governance in mind and included as a conscious design principle.

Why use the Grosvenor Better Practice Governance Model?

Traditionally, governance is described and measured in terms of the structural elements only. That is where this model differs from others. Without the enabling elements, effective governance is unlikely to be achieved. Our model contains structural elements and enabling elements that must work in concert with one another for optimal governance to be achieved and sustainable.

So where do you start?

Assess your organisation’s governance maturity to understand the degree to which each of the elements of the better practice governance model are in place, but also to determine where your maturity levels need to be in the future state in order to achieve your objectives.