Ask yourself these 5 questions if you’re thinking about getting a Contingent Workforce Management solution

1.     Are you paying the same rate for the same type of employee across the whole business?

2.     Do you know what technology solutions the market offers?

3.     Do you know you can get visibility of all your workforce by implementing a system to manage all your temporary workers, contingent with timesheets AND other short-term contractors and professional services providers?

4.     Do you fully understand the level of change and ongoing support required to implement and sustain a successful solution?

5.     Does your Procurement, Human Resources and Finance teams have the capability and the time to design, specify and embed optimal processes to realise objectives?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above, you’re not alone. In fact, in these busy and fast-moving times, very few could answer yes to all five. Many organisations that set out to acquire a new contingent workforce management system learn as they go, often experiencing added costs, blowout in timeframes and less than optimal outcomes.

We have put together an eBook that helps you identify how you get the most of your future procurement solution.

Download it now as it contains valuable lessons-learnt from practitioners who have implemented systems for more than twenty years.

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2020 eBook

Procurement Systems that fire on all Cylinders

Get the most out of your procurement system

This ebook will provide hands-on guidance from experts who have walked the same trail before.

What's inside?

  • What Australian procurement teams say about their biggest hurdles
  • What do all of the eProcurement acronyms mean (S2C, S2P, P2P)?
  • What others had to learn the hard way
  • Here is why you are not happy with your current system
  • Making the (business) case for a Source to Contract (S2C) system
  • Public sector beware!
  • Procure to Pay (P2P) systems
  • Spend Analytics: How do you quickly make sense of data that is of the lowest quality?
  • Contingent Workforce Management
  • Utility Management — how technology helps
  • How we can help: Helping your Change Management, every step of the way