Necessary evil or strategic asset?

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A guide to building high performance corporate property portfolios

Like maximising the performance of your staff, maximising the performance of your property portfolio is far more complicated than simple cost management.

For example, well managed property can also add value to your business through increased productivity, reduced staff turnover and absenteeism and by reduced risks and insurance costs.

Additionally, by managing property more strategically you can enhance your brand to both customers and to potential new staff.

Conversely, poorly managed property can actually detract from your brand and most importantly impede actual business performance.

This then begs the question, if property is such a large part of the business cost base and there are all these potential benefits and pitfalls, then why doesn’t it get the same level of management attention as HR or IT?

Find out why and how to implement positive change through proven property portfolio management strategies.


Necessary evil or strategic asset?

DIY Program Evaluation Kit

In "Plain English"

One of the challenges that Program Managers face when doing program evaluation is the lack of practical resources explaining the processes and methodologies in plain English.

We compiled this resource, to give you this plain English overview.

The kit guides you through the things you need to know as you prepare to evaluate your program. Whether you plan on implementing yourself, just looking for background reading to understand the process or seeking support from our team this resource will arm you with a much clearer understanding of what's involved.

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