Holly Runciman

Office Manager - Melbourne

Bachelor of Business (Management), Graduate Certificate in Change Management, MBA Change Management (Ongoing)

Holly is the Melbourne Office Manager and has recently shifted to a hybrid role which encompasses People Support Officer, assisting our People Manager with the HR function, as well as internal projects. 

Holly holds a Bachelor of Business (Management) and is currently undertaking an MBA from RMIT Online. Her previous experience was in the lighting and design industry, where she worked with trade clients on large-scale commercial tenders and custom lighting solutions for private clients. In her previous role as a Showroom Manager, Holly undertook not only a sales role, but also spearheaded the development of multiple functions within the organisation, which included Operations, HR, Client Services and the training and development of both new and existing staff.

Seeking a new challenge, Holly joined Grosvenor in 2019 with a keen interest in consulting and was eager to learn as much as possible from her colleagues. She also has a passion for streamlining administrative functions through the creation, development, and implementation of updated or new policies and procedures. Holly has been an integral part of Grosvenor’s support team, contributing to both the daily operations of the organisation and the long-term growth and development of the Administration and HR functions. This includes the review and overhaul of Grosvenor’s onboarding program, which has grown from a bare-bones welcome to a comprehensive induction process to ensure new staff not only feel welcome at Grosvenor, but also have the tools and knowledge to hit the ground running from day one.

“The Administrative Function is like the engine room of the organisation. I am proud to be a part of Grosvenor’s administrative support team where I can not only help my colleagues, but also have my voice heard and contribute to the growth of the organisation in a meaningful and lasting way. Grosvenor is an exciting and safe environment where I can learn from the best and grow my skills and I feel truly lucky to work here!”

Key areas of expertise

> Policy and Procedure optimisation

> Human Resources including onboarding and recruitment

> Time-critical proposal submission

> Client and Stakeholder Management



> recently adopted a hybrid-role as People Support Officer, assisting the People Manager (Kristy Hornby) with HR projects, organisational policy and general people and culture tasks

> successfully implemented a new end-to-end onboarding process to include everything from updated employment paperwork to a personalised welcome pack, refreshed induction modules and onboarding gifts

> continuous development and updating of processes and procedures to keep up with the rapid growth of the organisation

> key contributor to the recruitment process, including screening and interviewing candidates on behalf of the Site Managers