Natalie Nombreuse

Finance Manager

BBusCom(Acc), CPA

Natalie has more than twenty years’ experience working in finance roles.  Natalie is responsible for the management of Grosvenor’s finance and administrative functions.  She is also responsible for the delivery of management reporting, financial management and compliance with statutory requirements.

"I am one of the lucky people who can honestly say that I love my job and I love where I work.  The parts of my role that are routine and predictable allow me to feel confident in my skills and to plan my time so that I have a good work/life balance.  However, I also get the opportunity to be challenged by being involved in projects that relate to other areas of the business.  On top of all of that, I look forward to coming to work because I get to work and engage with staff who are intelligent, inspiring, motivated and thoroughly entertaining."

Key areas of expertise

  • management of the finance and administrative functions
  • delivery of management reporting
  • financial management
  • statutory compliance