Ricardo Fainbaum

Senior Manager

BEng (Mech Eng - Production), PGrad Dip Bus Mgmt, Lean Six Sigma BB

Ricardo has over fifteen years of comprehensive experience in program and project management, procurement, and strategic supplier relationship management (SRM) across both domestic and international landscapes. Holding a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and equipped with a background in Mechanical Engineering, Ricardo has exhibited versatility in leading cross-functional teams and orchestrating successful initiatives across a spectrum of sectors, including extensive work in both private and public domains. 

Crafting innovative solutions, Ricardo leverages his expertise to deliver value for clients, embracing challenges with a commitment to sustainable and impactful project outcomes. His inclination for innovative problem solving is a distinctive characteristic of his approach, driving the creation of creative strategies that address complex business requirements. Ricardo's strategic thinking not only contributes to short-term goals but also positions organizations for long-term success. 

Ricardo is passionate about harnessing the power of data as a strategic asset, utilising it to extract meaningful insights, facilitate informed decision-making, and optimise processes for enhanced efficiency.

"Thrilled to join Grosvenor, where passion meets purpose! With a background in program management, Lean Six Sigma, and strategic relationships, I'm all about driving transformative change. I love innovation, collaborative client interaction, and data-driven decision-making. Embracing the spirit of continuous improvement, my goal is to make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. Grosvenor's commitment to excellence perfectly aligns with my drive to break boundaries. Let's make a mark together, creating impactful results and pushing the limits of what's possible!"

Key areas of expertise

Program and Project Management 

Process Improvement (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) 


Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) 

Collaborative client interaction 

Data analytics and data driven decision making 


Led the successful delivery of transformative projects in both private and public sectors. 

Trained, and mentored over 200 procurement and finance professionals, disseminating expertise in problem-solving, PDCA, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt principles, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

Managed projects that drove ongoing process enhancements, achieving substantial cost savings, elevating quality standards, and enhancing overall time efficiency. 

Executed comprehensive reviews of end-to-end procurement processes, resulting in significant and tangible cost savings for the organisations involved. 

Architected and executed the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) program for a large infrastructure business, amplifying strategic partnerships and fostering lasting collaborations. 

Developed end-to-end procurement processes for a major infrastructure business, collaborating with key stakeholders to design team structures, role view processes, and RACIs, ensuring the seamless operation of the organisation and attaining a robust level of process maturity.