Strategy and Transformation

Sarika Bhana

Senior Manager

Master of Arts in Organisational Psychology, University of Witwatersrand, Prince 2 Project Management (Foundation)

Sarika is a Senior Manager at Grosvenor. She was the Operations Lead for Sydney for two years, and now sits on the FY2023/24 Executive Committee. 

An Organisational/Industrial Psychologist by trade, she has over 11 years in management consulting under her belt, with more than 9 of those focused on the public sector. Her experience spans various industries including transport, emergency management, construction, service delivery and human settlements, environmental preservation and climate change, correctional services and justice, education, financial services and insurance. She has also worked across federal, state (NSW, Queensland, and Victoria) and local government/ municipalities. Sarika has worked predominantly in South Africa and Australia, applying better practice across industries.

Sarika has comprehensive expertise across organisational transformation elements specialising in strategy, operating models, organisational design and development, as well as business process re-engineering and change management. She has led numerous strategy and culture sessions as well as governance initiatives, and, is also a HR generalist working across the HR spectrum. 

Sarika’s strength lies in simplifying complex problems by understanding the system and each of its parts. In her own words:

“I believe that strategies need to be operationalised through realistic and achievable practices that every part of the organisation can understand and buy into, so that each person understands the desired state or the mandate that they are delivering upon. People are critical assets that can make or break your organisation.”


Key areas of expertise

Key areas of expertise:

  • Operating Models/ Service Delivery Models
  • Organisational Design and Development
  • Process Review and Optimisation
  • Stakeholder Management




Led a team in the successful development of the operating model for the Department of Correctional Services in South Africa

Led a team in the development of implementation of a new operating model, policies, processes and procedures to turnaround a Social Housing Regulatory body that is responsible for investment facilitation, sector regulation as well as sector capacitation

Led a team in a Service Delivery Model and Organisational Design review of financial constrained municipality, creating a roadmap to a desired state for the organisation

Consulted to a financial institution at group level and facilitated the standardisation of country offices towards fit-for-purpose organisational design, policies, and organisational capabilities (developing an international assessment for executives).