Persona template for program design

How do I use a personas for program design?

A persona is a fictional character, designed to represent a user or client type. Personas are used to generate deeper understanding of your users’ or clients’ needs, experiences and motivations.

Personas can be use for many purposes. For example they are often used by marketers and designers. It is becoming more common to use personas in different situations, like program design, to assist in better understanding needs and to facilitate the design of fit for purpose solutions.

How do I develop a persona?

  • Personas can be informed by data analysis (to determine types) and through asking questions.
  • Conducting short interviews with some real users or clients is a great way to develop your personas.
  • If you can’t make contact with real users – personas can be developed via role playing based on experience. But be careful not to make assumptions and slip into unhelpful stereotypes.

How do I capture my persona?

Use the template overleaf to generate a list of questions and to capture your personas. Use colour and pictures as well as text to give life to each of your personas.


DOWNLOAD HERE – Persona Template