Process changes speed up service delivery and reduce complaints

The Client: Safety Regulator

A review of existing processes and resources helps an important safety regulator improve staff retention and customer satisfaction.

The situation

An important safety regulator with outdated technology and systems was struggling to keep up with demand for its services and meet its own performance targets. As a result, complaints from the public increased and staff turnover started to become a significant challenge.

Grosvenor was engaged to conduct a review of existing processes, quantify the extent of the problem in terms of workload versus available resources, identify improvement opportunities and make recommendations for change.

The challenge

Like many organisations, our client had little to no existing budget for implementing change. The division had no quantifiable evidence to support a business case for extra resources. Responding to a growing number of complaints only resulted in further delays, as capacity was shifted from core tasks to complaint resolution, and staff sought work elsewhere due to the difficulty in managing an unhappy customer base.

The project

After Grosvenor conducted its review of current processes and quantified actual workloads, it was clear that a resource gap existed.

Grosvenor had validated client suspicions; there was too much work and not enough staff to do the work, leading to delays and complaints.

Grosvenor put forward a plan for improvement, including across the short, medium and long term.

The results

Our client was able to use the findings from Grosvenor’s review to justify the employment of additional resources. Following this and implementation of other service delivery improvements, complaints and staff retention began to improve measurably.

Our client was so pleased with our approach to the project, they awarded us a 10/10 for our performance in a post-project satisfaction survey.

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