Property business realigned to customer needs

The Client: A national research organisation

The situation

Managing a complex property portfolio requires a range of skills and capabilities. The first step to improving performance is to understand your shortcomings and know what leading practice looks like.

A national research organisation did not understand why the performance of their property team was not up to scratch. With over $1bn in property assets the organisation needed to radically change the way the internal property team delivered services, managed customers and developed strateassets and a lack of strategic direction the team was not seen by customers as value adding.

The challenge

Grosvenor identified that long-term change would need a fresh approach to every part of the business model. Half a dozen legacy systems meant that no one had an accurate picture of the portfolio.

Siloed teams were not aligned with the needs of customers. Too much time was spent on operational issues and not enough on understanding the business and customer’s needs.

The project

The insight provided by the assessment framework (see Figure below) identified the real gap between current performance and where they needed to be. For the first time the extent of the change required and reason why could be explained.

The results

Through engagement with corporate leaders, property staff and key internal customers, Grosvenor identified what was holding the organisation back, gave them a road map for change and helped implement the right improvements.

A change program was designed and implemented which reduced staff numbers, improved data management and realigned the property business to the needs of customers.

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