Tool for clarifying outcomes and determining data requirements

Data Requirement Analysis


This tool is intended for:

  • ‘unpacking’ program objectives or outcomes
  • determining the data requirements for monitoring and evaluation of the program against its outcomes.

The tool can be used to focus on just one, or both, of the aims described above.

Unpacking program outcomes

Some of the reasons for clarification include:

  • the program outcomes are currently being developed
  • ensuring there is a common understanding amongst stakeholders
  • the outcomes developed at the commencement of the program require revision and updating
  • the outcomes of the program are ambiguous.

Determining data requirements

Some of the reasons for determining the data needs include:

  • to ensure baseline data or comparative data is collected in order to assess impact
  • to ensure additional data requirements are met
  • to inform the development of key performance indicators
  • to monitor trends over time
  • to inform decision making
  • to inform the design of the evaluation.

When to use this tool

Ideally, this tool should be used either:

  • during the design of a program, or
  • after the design and prior to commencement of a program.

This provides the greatest opportunity to apply the outputs of the tool to the program and its evaluation.

What if the program has already commenced?

This tool is still useful if a program has already commenced and could be used up until a program’s final evaluation. However, the timing may limit the ability to collect and utilise appropriate and sufficient data.

How to use this tool

The enclosed tool contains six fields; three related to clarifying outcomes and three related to data requirements.

The fields and descriptions are designed to be used as a guide for either:

  • an individual to complete the template, or alternatively
  • to facilitate a group discussion for each outcome.

It may be necessary to work with multiple stakeholders/groups to fully capture all relevant information outlined in this tool.

A separate template should be completed for each program outcome or objective.

Template and worked example

Two versions of the tool are provided.

  • A template, which contains a description of the intended contents of each field in the tool.
  • A worked example, demonstrating a completed template for the outcome: Customers will be better prepared for subsequent contacts.


DOWNLOAD HERE – Clarifying Outcomes And Determining Data Requirements For Program Evaluation


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