Top 10 Public Sector Consulting firms

We are super proud and humbled to have been recognised in the Top 10 Public Sector solutions provider in APAC for 2023 by CIO Review. Here is the article they published about Grosvenor.

Optimizing the Public Sector with Customized and Practical Strategies without Attitude

Management consulting has long had the reputation of consultants with egos, producing over-priced cookie-cutter solutions for public sector problems. Rarely do consultants share their knowledge with clients nor take their clients on a journey of empowerment so that they can continue to create a positive impact on the community long after the consultants have moved on to the next project.

Not Grosvenor. Grosvenor is an archetype of human and real management consultants, experts without attitude, that are transforming Australia’s public sector today.

“We see ourselves as Experts without Attitude helping clients to make a positive impact.”

Grosvenor works with organisations in Australia who have a need for procurement, property or public sector advisory services. Specifically, Grosvenor advises the public sector across a range of services, including strategy, governance, program evaluation, performance measurement, capability, and service delivery improvement.

In response to the political, socio-economic, and climate-related issues that make the sector more challenging, Grosvenor is helping to rebuild and transform core capabilities and respond to growing demands. In times of increasing uncertainty, Grosvenor’s consultants bring independent advice, practical knowledge and expertise to the table.

Grosvenor are ‘Experts without Attitude’.

Grosvenor offers services that support clients in meeting their current and future needs –underpinned by the deployment of appropriate technology innovations and automation. The company is committed to supporting a proud, passionate and purposeful public sector that has a positive impact on Australia.

“We are a force for good. We help our clients make a positive impact on communities and deliver better services,” says Dr Stefan Gassner, managing director of Grosvenor.

As citizens’ expectations around government capabilities, accountability and transparency grow, Grosvenor helps agencies drive value from procurement. “For governments to achieve their objectives and meet the needs of their citizens requires the right combination of people, process, and technology – which is an ever-evolving balance,” says Nicholas Leask, ICT lead of Grosvenor Procurement Advisory.

On the property advisory side, the company enables clients to effectively manage properties, optimize the financial performance of facilities and assets, and develop strategies that align with their operational and compliance goals.

Grosvenor’s team staunchly believes that understanding an organization’s culture, values, and operations greatly influences the success of any effective strategy. Grosvenor’s experts go the extra mile to create customized plans and methodologies and tailor all its services according to the specific challenges, needs, and motivations of a client and they deliver a wide range of mentoring and knowledge transfer as part of each project. Grosvenor uses its agility to assess and adjust its methodology at any point throughout the project to ensure the delivery of value-added and effective outcomes.

Elaborating on the benefits of this approach, Mira Shennan, lead of Grosvenor’s Public Sector Advisory practice, adds, “We deliver solutions that stick. We are an ongoing partner to further optimise public sector organisations, tackling the challenges they face and assisting with capability uplift.”

Grosvenor delivers practical and insightful recommendations using a customer-centric approach highlighting their role as trusted advisors and their passion and experience in building genuine relationships with clients. Shennan also highlights that forming long-lasting and honest relationships with clients and gaining a deeper understanding of their organizations is at the heart of Grosvenor’s operations.

Enabling Grosvenor to deliver these effective solutions, is the expertise and passion of its team and its approach to client interactions. It follows an empathetic approach to projects which allows clients to share their challenges openly. The senior practitioners involved in formulating the strategies are also the ones who participate in the implementation, helping clients at every stage of the process. In Shennan’s words, Grosvenor’s size is the strength of its business model, as it allows the firm to be agile enough to respond to the changing market landscape.

And it’s their Experts without Attitude, that makes working with Grosvenor real and easy.