What does procurement best practice mean to you? Grosvenor Procurement Research 2022

At Grosvenor we undertake annual research into the state of the procurement profession in Australia. This year we want to understand what ‘better practice’ means and make that measurable through benchmarks that are specific to Australia. If you spend 10 minutes responding to our 18 multiple-choice questions, you will receive free benchmarking data to see how your team can improve.

It is always tricky to understand how exactly your team is tracking and where it can further improve. A quick way to understand the lay of the land is to look at benchmarks such as:

>        The dollar amount procured per staff member

>       The number of procurement projects completed per staff member

>        How long it takes to complete a procurement based on its complexity

>        How many staff are required to procure a certain amount of dollars per year

>       What the maturity of your function is compared to others.

Sure, some of these benchmarks already exist, including in our whitepaper we published way back in 2014. But we suspect that the pandemic had an incredible impact on how procurement operates and what its objectives are. Staffing shortages and supply issues are commonplace in 2022. And we think the specific nature of the Australian context further calls for a new set of benchmarks.

We will publish a detailed eBook later this year to walk you through the results and are happy to talk to your team directly about how you have done compared to your peers.

So, please participate now by clicking on this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/procurement_benchmarks_2022