What Finance can (and should) expect of Procurement – A Webinar

Watch our webinar in which Grosvenor’s head of procurement, Dr Stefan Gassner, is discussing the findings from our latest study, ‘What Finance can (and should) expect of Procurement, and how a recent pandemic has shaped these results in 2020.

Experience a discussion around the findings from our latest study, and learn about the real value of your procurement function.

Watch the webinar on our YouTube channel, here. 

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Want to read further into how COVID-19 has impacted procurement teams since we’ve released our study, you can read about it here. 

2018 Procurement Study

What Finance can (and should) expect of Procurement

What is the 'value' of the Procurement function?

A study comprising respondees from 91 organisations, 42 from a Procurement angle, and 38 from a Finance angle.

So, what is reasonable for Finance to expect of Procurement?

  • Finance and Procurement often have different views of what it takes to implement the organisation's strategy. And the two are regularly misaligned in what outcomes they expect of each other.
  • Explore the relationship between Finance, Procurement and the rest of the organisation, beyond the various opinions you might have heard at the odd conference.