What our research says about the state of procurement in Australia

At Grosvenor Procurement Advisory, we undertake annual research to better understand procurement and contracting in Australia. We see this as our contribution to the profession and we share our insights not only through our website but also speak about them at conferences and dedicated events.

Below is a summary of our research topics across the years, with links to download our highly sought-after free ebooks.

2023 Geared to High Performance – How to get the best out of your suppliers

We look at what worked best in 2023 and how to get the most out of your suppliers, service providers and vendors in the future.
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2022 Hitting the Reset Button – Setting up Australian Procurement Teams for the post pandemic world: What does ‘good’ look like?

In 2022 we focused on what the typical Procurement Team setup is and how this contrasts to better practice in Hitting the Reset Button. Our aim is to enable Procurement Teams to take stock and use this research as an input when setting their strategies for a post-pandemic world. This year, a total of 133 organisations participated in our research, with 74 providing further detailed data.

2021 and 2020 Never Waste a Crisis – How COVID impacted procurement

COVID brought many struggles. It was also the time for procurement to shine. Procurement functions across Australia quickly adapted and shifted their focus from cost reduction to supply risk mitigation and back to cost reduction. What exactly has changed for procurement teams around the country? What were the biggest struggles? Where are the greatest opportunities for the future? We published two ebooks, the latest one from 2021 explores the ongoing impact and how supply risk mitigation was achieved, the 2020 edition focuses on the initial crisis response.

What Finance can (and should) expect of Procurement

Finance and Procurement often have different views of what it takes to implement the organisation’s strategy. And the two are regularly misaligned in what outcomes they expect of each other. So what is reasonable for Finance to expect of Procurement?  This report explores the relationship between Finance, Procurement and the rest of the organisation, beyond the various opinions you might have heard at the odd conference.  Learn more about what Finance can expect

Carrot or Stick? Keys to boosting Supplier Performance Revealed

We surveyed 163 buyer and 89 supplier organisations across Australasia managing a combined spend of over $5.6bn designed to bring you the latest key insights for helping you boost your supplier performance. On average procurement teams can gain an extra 29% performance from their suppliers with some simple changes. Learn more what suppliers would like to (but often can’t) say to buyers to help them turn this around.

Eight Savings Myths Debunked

159 organisations told us about their most successful procurement initiative in the last 12 months and benefits achieved. We found that you can have both: better performance and higher savings! And we identify how you can predict which contract has the highest potential for additional savings. If you think you’ve worked all your spend levers and delivered all the savings you can, this report will force you to take another look!

How big is big enough for a procurement team?

Chief Procurement Officers are asked to deliver more and more. However they don’t always have the resources to match expectations. What do CPOs need to deliver results and become procurement champions? We surveyed 60 leading procurement organisations in Australasia to find the answer. Learn more about what benchmarks to use when determining the right size of your procurement team

Are you a savings champion?

We surveyed hundreds of top procurement professionals in Australasia to identify the characteristics of Savings Champions and find out which levers they are using.  Learn more …

Is your leadership impacting supplier performance?

Much has been written about the relationship between leadership and staff performance. However the influence of leadership on supplier performance remains largely unexamined – until now! We surveyed 119 organisations across Australasia to bring you our latest procurement study investigating the relationship between supplier performance and leadership style. Learn more about how your leadership influences supplier performance

Sustainable Procurement and Social Responsibility

This report details our findings from surveying 98 organisations about their efforts to implement sustainable practices in their procurement function. It highlights what industries have the most sustainability awareness and progress and who has the competitive advantage due to supplier diversity spending. Learn more about our findings on sustainability in procurement