What is the best operating model for your Corporate Services function?

What are the operating models of modern, transformative Corporate Services functions?

Corporate Services functions are responsible for delivering vital infrastructure and services that enable performance of their organisation’s core business functions. They play a crucial role in ensuring that the organisation’s workforce is trained, retained and supported, financial operations are sound, legal and compliance issues are managed, technology systems are functional and secure, and marketing and communications efforts are effective.

In an environment of increasing unpredictability and mounting expectation, and re-emerging calls to reduce ‘back office staff’, now more than ever it is critical that Corporate Services functions clearly define and articulate their operating model. Articulating a Corporate Services operating model is vital to support organisational performance and sustainability, promote a clear demonstration of value creation, and justify the priorities for additional funding, as well as optimise the return on any such investment.

In the absence of defining its Corporate Services operating model, critical elements in the function’s operating environment are not given the attention and investment they deserve, or worse, they are neglected altogether. As a result, Corporate Services leaders fail to deliver the value they’ve promised and enthusiasm and connection to the organisation’s strategy and pursuit of better outcomes is replaced by disillusionment, distrust, and indifference not just within the function, but across the organisation.

By developing and implementing an effective Corporate Services operating model, an organisation can optimise performance, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve sustainable improvement.

What is the best operating model for your Corporate Services function?

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